Monday, February 2, 2015

Exciting things are happening in Rolando Park

Our 501c4 to 501c3 conversion is getting closer every day.  In December the Secretary of State certified the amendment to our Articles of Incorporation.  In January the IRS provided us with a letter of determination classifying RPCC as a 501c3.  We submitted the necessary paperwork to Franchise Tax Board and hope for the final step in the process to be completed soon.

A sub-committee of The San Diego Foundation grant group, led by Gerrie Flaven, is in the process of developing a new, fresh, modern user friendly website for RPCC.  Thanks to Heather Erwin, Gerrie Flaven, Kathryn Kern, Laura Molenda and Betty White for serving on this sub-committee.

The February meeting of the RPCC will be held on Monday February 9, 7:00 PM at Rolando Park Elementary School.  Our guest speaker, Officer Jordan from San Diego County Animal Control will let us know how to keep our beloved pets safe and what to do if dogs are running loose in the neighborhood.  This topic was requested at the January planning meeting.

Audrey Ledesma's Lean and Clean continues their first Saturday of the month clean ups.  You can help at 8:00 AM on Saturday Feb 7, by meeting up with other neighbors at the mini-park at Racine and College Grove Drive.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Priorities for 2015 Chosen by Neighbors at January Meeting

Here are the priorities that were selected by neighbor nominations and votes at the January RPCC meeting: 

Priority number 1 with 60 points - Addressing the issue of Problem Houses 

Priority number 2 with 48 points - A combination of three things, increasing our neighborhood visibility through outreach which will enable fundraising 

Priority number 3 with 36 points - University Avenue Improvement Group 

Priority number 4 with 26 points - Supporting neighborhood clean ups (both Canyon Clean ups through I Love a Clean San Diego and street and yard clean ups through Audrey Ledesma's Lean and Clean group) 

Additional suggestions were: 

New Crime Watch signs (replacing the old would cost about $1,000) this got 15 points and could still be done on a sign by sign basis if neighbors wanted to fund the cost of a sign on their street) 

Establishing a Neighborhood Watch got 3 points. It seems many feel Nextdoor has taken on the role of a Neighborhood Watch. 

Checking on a problem with the traffic light at Rolando Blvd and University Ave got 5 points. We can still let the City know there is a reported issue. 

Stopping the delivery of ads in plastic bags - did not get any points though one neighbor said they thought you could request a stop on those from the delivery person.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Number one priority selected by neighbors at RPCC January planning meeting

This was the priority setting meeting where neighbors suggested priorities for the Council for 2015. More on the priorities later but the NUMBER ONE priority selected by the neighbors was to address PROBLEM HOMES. 

This brings up the question, "What is a problem home?" They could range from homes with suspected criminal activity to nuisance behavior or complete lack of care to the exterior.

We would need to know where these homes are and what the concerns of neighbors are. Are the residents in alleged problem homes renters or owners? Have the police been contacted regarding suspected illegal activities? Have law enforcement or code compliance been contacted regarding nuisance behaviors? What help can we get from Councilwoman Myrtle Cole? We need to become the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and realize some of these things take time.

If the home and yard are in a state of disrepair, are the neighbors living there in need of help because of age or disability? Can Lean and Clean come and help tidy up their yard? Are the homeowners low income and therefore may qualify for help through Rebuilding Together, a non-profit that will assist low income home owners with home repairs?

Now that the Council knows Problem Homes are the number one priority neighbors want addressed in 2015 we need the help and support of neighbors to address this issue. We also need your thoughts and comments.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January Annual Planning Meeting, Monday January 12, 7 PM, Rolando Park Elementary School

This is your opportunity to suggest  program ideas for the 2015 year.  It is also the meeting where neighbors suggest priority projects for the year and vote on the suggestions.  If you have ideas on improving the neighborhood attend this meeting and make sure your voice is heard.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What a great time we had at the December meeting of the RPCC

RPCC business included updates from SDFD, Jimmie Slack of Councilwoman Myrtle Cole's office, Officer Terry Hoskins, Jannell Jackson of Assembly Member Shirley Weber's office and Darnisha Hunter from Mayor Falconer's office.

Officer Hoskins reported the apprehension of a parolee who was caught stealing over 25 UPS packages from neighborhoods in San Diego. Descriptions from neighbors using the NextDoor app were used to identify the suspect. Great job using NextDoor as an online Neighborhood Watch! Lilly, the new principal at

Rolando Park elementary introduced herself to our community.

Lots of holiday gifts were donated by Rolando Park residents for teens at the Polinsky's Children Center.

Many residents attending tonight's festivities won Chargers tickets and some won parking passes to next Sunday's game. These box seat tickets/passes were generously given to us by Jimmie Slack, Myrtle Cole and the Mayor's office for all of the hard work accomplished this year building our Rolando Park community.

From everyone in the Rolando Park Community Council, we wish you a wonderful and memorable holiday season!
Edith Smith arranged for donated coffee from Starbucks.

Darnisha Hunter from the Mayor's office

Goodies from the neighbors.

Jimmie Slack from Councilmember Cole's office

Our Mayor featured on a business magazine.  More jobs for San Diego

Our new Rolando Park Elementary School principal Irazema Valdivieso.

Officer Dan of SDFD

Officer Hoskins of SDPD

Happy Chargers ticket winners

Some of the neighbors who donated gifts to Polinsky Children's Center

Jannell Jackson of Assemblymember Shirley Weber's office

RPCC President giving Chargers tickets to one of our door prize winners